Basic Outdoor Wooden Playhouses

If you are looking for basic outdoor wooden playhouses, here is our best selection. These are also among the more affordable playhouses, so if you are in the market, and on a budget, then these are a good bet for you! Don't dismiss these economical playhouses...they are great outdoor wooden playhouses, and believe me, a playhouse doesn't have to be fancy to be fun! In fact, the more basic the playhouse, the more imagination your children will use, and the more possibilities there are for the playhouse to "become" anything! We have also included a selection of playhouses that are a little more elaborate, but maybe don't quite fit into the "luxury playhouse" category.

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The cute Kidkraft Outdoor Playhouse actually has a red plastic roof, but the rest is made of wood. It is a durable, weather-resistant outdoor playhouse, and comes complete with a sink, windows and doors that open, as well as a chalkboard above the door. It comes with clear directions for assembly, and is great value for only $489.95! kidcraft outdoor playhouse
Sweetbriar Cottage can be used indoors or outdoors and has been designed in a convenient 4x4 size. This innovative design allows for easy assembly. Using an acrylic fabric for roofing, children can make it a place of their own by choosing the color roofing to suit their tastes. The special price is $829.07 and includes free shipping within the United States. sweetbriar cottage indoor or outdoor playhouse
Willygoat's Victorian Playhouse comes as a do-it-yourself kit that contains all of the hardware you need to complete the play house. The gingerbread trim is pre-fastened, and this playhouse has 2 working windows with safety glass. It also comes with shutters and flowerboxes, as well as one heart-shaped plexi-glass window. It also has a child's door, adult's door on the side, and comes with a floor kit. The price is $949.99, plus shipping. victorian playhouse
WillyGoat.Com presents the Cedar Mountain Cabin Playhouse (and a selection of other playhouses in the same price range). This playhouse features a 4'x6' interior and a 2'x6' porch. It comes with three windows and shutters that close and, as a special bonus, you get a wooden table and chairs set. What more could you ask for $1088.99? Their website states that the product ships in 5-7 days - excellent shipping time!
The classic Cape Cod Playhouse is one of several Cape Cod play houses (also comes in 4 different sizes). This model includes hardwood flooring, dormers, shutters and flower boxes, as well as working windows with safety glass, grids and screens. It also has optional deck and painted rail, loft and chimney. Packed full of high-quality features, it is sure to last your children and grand children through many years of imaginative play! Model shown is priced at $1759.00, including free shipping on orders over $65! cape cod playhouse

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